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CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION was founded on February 25, 2022, and in May 2022 was officially registered in Ukraine as a charitable, non-profitable organization. The main focus of the organization's work since its foundation remains feeding people who have suffered or those who help people who have suffered from military aggression in Ukraine. Since its establishment, the humanitarian kitchen and bakery in the city of Kharkiv have prepared more than 250,000 dinner portions and baked 150,000 loaves of bread. More than 50 volunteers are currently working as part of the PEKELNA KUHNJA Charity Organization. In October, the organization's kitchen in Kharkiv prepared over 28,000 dinners and 30,000 loaves of bread, which were delivered primarily to the hospitals of the city of Kharkiv, and other municipal and volunteer organizations that ensure community resilience in war conditions, as well as to residents of Kharkiv and newcomers from zones of hostilities. The organization is also engaged in providing products to hospitals in the cities of Chuguiv and Kupyansk. It is engaged in the delivery and distribution of products in the communities of Vovchansk and surrounding villages, border villages of the Zolochiv community, as well as displaced persons living in the village of Krasnopavlivka, Kharkiv region. The foundation implements projects aimed at restarting the work of rural hospitals of Vovchanska and Zolochiv communities. In October 2022, the PEKELNA KUHNJA organization in partnership with the Nova Ukraine charitable foundation and the World Central Kitchen organization launched a project to increase the resilience of communities in hard-to-reach areas of the Kharkiv region. As part of this project, a bakery was opened in the village of Vilcha near the city of Vovchansk, 10 kilometers from the border with the Russian Federation. The city is subjected to regular shelling, and due to the destroyed transport infrastructure, it finds itself in partial isolation during worsening weather conditions.

Charitable Organization "Pekelna Kuhnya"

Location: Mystetstv St, 17, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka Oblast, Ukraine 61000


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